Caller Tune I Story by Vijit Singh I Musafir Kissonwala


Audio Story ‘CALLER TUNE’ is written & Narrated by Storyteller Vijit Singh aka Musafir Kissonwala.

Story  ‘CALLER TUNE’ revolves around Aradhya & Madhyam. Both work in a same company but in different departments. The way ‘Caller Tune’ became the reason of bringing them close and built a beautiful relationship between them is the beauty of story.
Listen the heartening story of Aradhya & Madhyam in a melodious voice of Vijit Singh.

About Vijit Singh :
Vijit Singh is an Indian Director, Writer, Actor, Anchor, Show host and Storyteller. He is popularly known as ‘Musafir Kissonwala’ for his unique style of Storytelling.

About Vijit Singh Studio :
Vijit Singh Studio is a digital platform that provides complete entertainment package covering all aspects from theatre, art & culture, short movies, audio stories, poetry & many more. As a digital channel we are involved in showcasing interviews of individuals from different walks of life right from Hindi movie industry to bureaucracy to politics and sharing their journey in never seen before style . Its a platform for upcoming artists to exhibit their talent and give wings to their dreams.

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Show created by Vijit Singh Studio I Navonmesh I Sollertia Creatio I Musafir Kissonwala Foundation

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