Chhat I Story by Vijit Singh I Musafir Kissonwala


Audio Story ‘CHHAT’ ( छत ) is written & Narrated by Storyteller Vijit Singh.

Audio story ‘CHHAT’ is written and narrated by Storyteller Vijit Singh . This story is about Madhyam and him growing up in middle class family in 90s . The beautiful times when the whole colony was like a family and especially the nights spent on terrace due to electricity outage . Story beautifully captures those moments spent on terrace and also understands how things suddenly start evolving . Listen to know the reason of change and emotions experienced by Madhyam and be part of his journey .
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About Vijit Singh :
Vijit Singh is an Indian Director, Writer, Actor, Anchor, Show host and Storyteller. He is popularly known as ‘Musafir Kissonwala’ for his unique style of Storytelling.

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