यायावरी via भोजपुरी I Guftgoo I Vijit Singh Studio


Guftgoo with the App developers of ‘Yayawari via Bhojpuri’. This is the first Bhojpuri Audio Storytelling App in India. In this episode of Guftgoo, we will be discussing about different dimensions of Bhojpuri Language and translation of world literature in Bhojpuri audio stories. Panellists of this show are Vaibhav Mani Tripathi, Dr. Khama, Gaurav Mani Tripathi, Sudheer Mishra & Anurag Ranjan. Host is hosted by Vijit SIngh.

To enjoy the world of Bhojpuri audio stories, ‘Yayawari via Bhojpuri’ app can be downloaded from play store.

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