हम विकलांग ज़रूर हैं, मगर डिसेबल्ड नहीं I Guftgoo with Kanchan Singh Chouhan I Vijit Singh Studio


Guftgoo with writer Kanchan Singh Chouhan on her recently published book TUMHARI LANGI. This book is a collection of nine impactful stories which are based on several highly relevant social issues like marital rape, physical challenges, acid attacks, surrogacy etc. In spite of being 100% handicap by birth, Kanchan Singh Chouhan found the right path for her and with her determination and hard work, is now a renowned writer and also a dignified government servant. Watch Writer Kanchan Singh Chouhan unfold various phases of her life and motivate to overcome all of life’s challenges in this interview with Vijit Singh.

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