Doosri Mohabbat I Story by Vijit Singh I Musafir Kissonwala


Audio Story ‘Doosri Mohabbat’ is Written & Narrated by Storyteller Vijit Singh.
Story revolves around Aradhya & Madhyam. This is a story of love & conflict between Aradhya & Madhyam. Their love story is about to get formal finish but then something unusual happens. What is that unusual thing and how ‘Doosri Mohabbat’ took place!
Listen to the whole story to live & feel the essence of a beautiful relationship and understand how every relationship needs a little effort to keep the spark alive .
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About Vijit Singh :
Vijit Singh is an Indian Director, Writer, Actor, Anchor, Show host and Storyteller. He is popularly known as ‘Musafir Kissonwala’ for his unique style of Storytelling.

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