SAAJHI 3 I Short Film I Vijit Singh


Vijit Singh studio is back with its most loved franchise series of short film with ‘Saajhi 3’.
In todays ever so fast world our studio makes an effort to produce content true to human emotions and value.

SAAJHI 3 I Short film I Written & Directed by Vijit Singh
रिश्तों के महीन धागों से बुनी हमारी नई शॉर्ट फिल्म आप सभी को समर्पित है। आप का स्नेह हमारे इस प्रयत्न को सार्थक बनाएगा।

Madhyam : Vijit Singh
Aradhya : Aditi Dixit
Waiter : Pradeep Shivhare

Created by
Vijit Singh Studio
Sollertia Creatio

Written & Directed by Vijit Singh

DOP : Indrajeet Kumar
Chief Assistant Director : Avijit Pandey
Production Manager & Costume : Manisha Mehra
Editing, DI & Color Grading, Sound Mastering : Devansh Singh, Syed Kudrat Ali
Music Composer, Song lyricist & Singer : Akhil Tiwari
Guitar : Alakshendra Prabhakar
Music Supervisor : Vinod Kumar Maurya
Music production : Guljeet Kaur
Sound engineer : Dheeraj Shandilya
Venue Courtesy : Coffee & Dessert Co. Lucknow
Production Assistant : Adarsh Dwivedi
Make up : Shoyeb Ansari
Post Production : TP India Network Pvt Ltd

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Vijit Singh is an Indian Director, Writer, Actor, Anchor, Show host and Storyteller. He is popularly known as ‘Musafir Kissonwala’ for his unique style of Storytelling.

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